Thursday, March 24, 2011

Museum of Sex Explicit Photos!!!

Explicit Museum of Sex Photos!!! If you object to fake naked bodies or photos of photos of real naked bodies, please don't scroll down the page. If, however, you enjoy a good laugh and are not offended by the human body in all its glory, feel free to take a look at the fun time we had at the Museum of Sex in New York City!!!

Honey, this one feels just like yours!  It's amazing!

Hmmm, now that's a new feeling...

Hehe, boobs...

Wish I had pecks like this least my pecker is comparable...

Andrew's friend looks unhappy.  Why is he unhappy?

Finally!  Anatomically correct Barbie dolls!

I know why he's unhappy!  Someone stole his pubic hair!

They got hers, too!

Bet you can't guess what this is!

Profile views are the best!

Now that is the best fake ass I have ever seen!

I was going to strip down for this one, but Andrew was afraid we would get kicked out of the museum.  I can't understand why, there was nudity and sex all around us!

Hey, even Darth Vader needs sex toys...

"Luke, I am your father...but that was before the horrible accident...Now look how I have to get off!"

Gotta love modern phallic art...


  1. You should put one of those photos on a postcard and write "Wishing you were here."